Les Lyon ™   


Clothing (Brand) in Oslo, Les Lyon (KING) & La Lyonne (QUEEN) Sports, Casual & Fashion wear

Ivan Odak, CEO and Founder, has a story behind his brand that may be different from other brands out there.


Ivan's personality is very visible. He has always had a big heart and lots of love to give. He is a strong guardian that makes others feel very safe in his presence. He always there and gives support without asking questions.

He is driven by positivity and kindness.


As the thrill seeker and competitive man he is, having is own business was something that he had to try once. Since he excels when he can run the show, and is an eternal optimist who sees the silver lining in life, he was the natural leader to pursue his own business. But even though he always seems safe and confident on the outside, he is quite sensitive and sometimes insecure on the inside. But with his spontaneity and unpredictability in his love life, he met the love of his life that would push him to throw himself into the dream. And when he first went for it, he really went for it.


The idea of making clothes is something he have dreamed about since he was young. In the process of creating Les Lyon he talked a lot about what he believe in and the values that defines us. 

So with his own special swag and effortless cool behavior, it was in the clothing industry he would try to be noticed. But his goal is not to be noticed just for the clothes, but for the thought and purpose behind the brand...