Les Lyon Pride is a brand that reflects the symbol of the lion, the element fire, the ruling planet sun and the body part the heart, inspired by the zodiac sign Lion. Les Lyon Pride wants to give you just what you deserve, therefore you will see details of colors that exude love, support, courage and loyalty.


Les Lyon Pride as the zodiacal lion, allows itself to be controlled by the sun, which is the source of infinite energy.

We believe that Les Lyon Pride's buyers are like us ruled by the sun,

and therefore are energetic individuals spreading positive vibes into the world.


To help others achieve their dreams, so that we can achieve our dreams.

We know that we can’t help everyone, but we do belive that everyone can help someone. And we strongly belive that by showing the smallest kind of support, a big dream can be accomplished.


For Les Lyon, life is about make supreme quality product by helping and supporting someone else.

Making sure that product your are wearing are something you are really appreciate and value our work and believe. 

Just a like a family would.


We’re not just a Family..

We’re a Pride…

We are… Les Lyon Pride.

 Our latest support programs

Gladno Polje



We are happy to share with you people thats our first support of sals has

been given to DREAMS in Gladno Polje "Sarajevo" 

We have managed to buy 14 bags of food for their dogs, thanks to your support and belief in our products. 

Thank you 




Dreams is four women volunteers who have stepped in where the government has failed. We work at the shelter every day, cleaning, feeding, and giving love to approximately 100 dogs.


We provide medical care, manage adoptions, organize transport, fundraise and handle all of the publicity and social media. We also do outreach in the community to try to raise awareness of the importance of sterilization and responsible ownership.

Through our stubbornness and hard work, in three years we have managed to transform Gladno Polje from a “concentration camp for dogs”


Into the only truly working public dog shelter in Sarajevo.

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